Sask Power Carbon Capture and Storage Project.

Captive Rentals Ltd is proud to be supplying surface equipment rentals for this project, the first of its kind in the world.

Aquistore, a $26.5 million research project, is the first commercial scale deep saline injection project in the world, even though injecting CO2 into geological formations is not new, the North American oil industries have the most extensive experience with the process, using it for enhanced oil recovery.

Aquistore is an independent research and monitoring project which intends to demonstrate that storing liquid carbon dioxide deep underground in a brine and sandstone water formation is a safe, workable solution to reduce greenhouse gases. Deep saline aquifers have the potential to store centuries' worth of CO2 emissions.

The Aquistore project is being done in conjunction with construction of the carbon capture facility currently underway at Boundary Dam Power Station’s Unit 3. Once it becomes active in early 2014, the captured carbon will be sent via a pipeline a few kilometres west of the power station and into a layer of sandstone.

Petroleum Technology Research Centre's (PTRC) Aquistore primary well in southeast Saskatchewan is officially the deepest hole ever drilled in this province. At a total depth of 3,396 metres or about 3.3 kilometres.