Emergency Equipment

Emergency Shower Units

The SC-600 is a certified self contained wheeled emergency shower trailer. The unit is portable and quick to deploy and set up. It comes complete with a 20kw light tower so it can operate in remote areas and locations hosting no power source. The full containment sump allows longer run times and is certified to meet ANSI Z358.1 . The unit is portable and quick to deploy and set up

  • Building Material: 1.5“ double clad insulated panel, R12, white, wire windows (both sides), side door maintenance access, rated -40C
  • Dimensions: 96 L“x 60 W“x 117 H“
  • Weight (dry): 1406 kg (3100 lbs)
  • Doors: 42“ wide, bi-directional hinged, Self-Closing
  • Sump: 12 gauge formed steel, 2270 liters capacity (600 USG)
  • Floor: 1″ FRP grating, no slip, chemical resistant
  • Tank: vertical polyethylene NSF material, vented lid, 2270 liters capacity (600 USG)
  • Shower duration:27 minutes
  • Tank heater: immersion style, integrated thermostat
  • Building heater: radiant, wet area rated
  • Shower eyewash: Galvanized, ANSI certified (stainless steel available)
  • Visual alarm: red strobe beacon, LED
  • Audible alarm: buzzer style, 120 dB
  • Electrical: Available in Nema rated or Hazloc Class 1 Div 2 suitable for zone II 120 VAC or 120/208-240 VAC